Jerry Farrell Guitars, custom handcrafted Classical guitars made in Canada

I started out by building violins. I made about 20 violins before becoming interested in the classical guitar. My inspiration for the guitar came from listening to Andres Segovia at a concert in Toronto. With the help of the Sloane book I built my first classical guitar in 1972. I also discovered a short treatise by Jose Romanillos and that was even more informative.

Eventually I studied with Jose Romanillos and Gerhard Oldiges in Spain. Jose and Gerhard are wonderful teachers and pass on their great talent and enthusiam for the instrument. I have built over 100 guitars to date and build only classical guitars.

I have had the opportunity to study many fine guitars. This has been an enormous education in my own building. The sound and quality of my guitars have evolved over my 30 year building career into a guitar I think has clarity, separation, sustain and the ability to let the performer add his or her own personality.

The start of each new guitar is exciting for me as I select the wood from my stock and envision all the sounds and character that this wood will hopefully produce.

The woods I use are very important of course and the top is considered the most important. I use European Spruce which I select in Austria or Germany and Engelmann Spruce and Cedar from British Columbia.

I use East Indian Rosewood for backs and sides and sometimes European Maple. East Indian Rosewood is very stable and attractive. I select my Rosewood here in Canada. Quarter sawn sets of excellent quality are readily available. My woods are stickered for up to 10 years before use.

For necks I use the very smooth, light and hard Central American Mahogany. The fingerboard is made of African Ebony. The entire guitar is French Polished. French Polish is made from Sheets of dried Shellac dissolved in alcohol and applied with a fine linen pad.

I worked as a Medical Illustrator and artist for most of my working career. I live in Hamilton, Ontario with my wife, Christel. We have 4 grown children. Besides being obsessive about the guitar I still paint watercolours and enjoy my family.